Prelude Program

The SCM Prelude Program is designed as a comprehensive curriculum of independent music study.

This program consists of ten levels, with each progressing in difficulty. Each level demands a certain degree of proficiency in ear-training, technique, sight-reading, written music theory, and performing. Students may enter any level they feel adequately represents their level of proficiency in the musical arts. The goal of the Satori Certificate of Musicianship is to provide a test which evaluates the progressive growth of all its students; it is just suited for those who play as a hobby, and for those who are striving to become professional musicians.

Private instructors may find that many of the concepts they teach are contained within this curriculum. The SCM Curriculum is designed in such a way as to facilitate private instructors and their students as much as possible. The Satori Certificate of Musicianship program serves as a source of feedback for students, parents, and teachers by providing evaluations and written reports of the student's current skill level. SCM also serves as an invaluable guideline which helps students progress in their understanding of musical concepts in an efficient and structured manner.

Upon the completion of a level, students are awarded a Satori Certificate of Musicianship which acknowledges their accomplishments in the field of music.  

*A student can only advance their levels twice a year.

Exam dates

The entry process for SCM exam is quite simple, read though the requirements and select your desired date(s), then download and complete the Application Form and the Adjudication Evaluation Form. Send them in with your payment by or before the due date. SCM has four exams to choose from annually so you can pick the time that is most suitable for your busy schedule.

Exam material

Each exam has its own registration date that usually starts right after the proceeding exam until the due date which is 31 days before the next exam. Participants should be prepared with their performance repertoires and a completed theory worksheet There is no on-location test for music theory; you must download the worksheet and finish it on your own time.  You should have your completed theory worksheet ready by the time you take your performance exam. A SCM certificate will be presented to you when you pass the level exam.

Honor Recital

On the evaluation form there is a section where the adjudicator can suggest outstanding students to perform in the SCM Honor Recital. Students can sign up for the Honor Recital by contacting us to find out the schedule. At the Honor Recital, students are presented with a trophy and a certificate. Our recording engineer will also stand by to record your performance at the recital. Students who sign up for the Honor Recital will have to pay additional fees.


SCM mainly focuses on performance. We understand that the music theory is very important to young music learners and we strongly suggest that students who are considering going into music continue to study theory in their own time. Students can learn theory by learning from their music teachers, signing up for a class, or taking advantage of online resources.

SCM Levels

SCM offers a rich performance program. After the ten levels of exams there are three Virtuoso Artist levels that provide an additional opportunity for serious young musicians show their talents. In addition, AMAC Violins also hosts the popular Satori Strings Contest, which has been running for ten years in the Greater Los Angeles area, and the Southwest Bach Festival.

We offer our support for all students' endeavors towards self-improvement in the field of music.